Argumentative Essay Topic – Dependence on Technology

The addiction to technology is such an argumentative essay topic that it almost feels like it’s been around forever. It is a constant reminder for the author, that he needs to keep writing, lest he lose his job or his sanity. As long as there are computers, they will be addicted.

The most common symptom of technological addiction is that it seems as if there is no end to the number of things that people get into trouble for doing through the use of computers. People have become so addicted to technology that they now look at it as the key to everything. There are so many applications that can be done by the computer today, and most people have more than one computer. They have their personal computer, their home computer, their office computer, their cell phone, and even their laptop.

The most important thing to understand about addiction to technology is that it has its roots in our own brains. It has a way of embedding itself in our subconscious minds. The more we use a computer the more it becomes part of us. It takes time for this to happen but once it happens it is hard to get away from.

What happens once someone has developed this dependency on technology? They either lose their jobs or find that they cannot function without them because they rely on the computer and the Internet to keep themselves fed.

For those students who are trying to get into the habit of writing an argumentative essay topic such as this one, I suggest you take a look at this. The title of this particular article is: Technology Addiction: How Do We Get Help? It deals with the issue of how to deal with your addiction to technology.

The first step is to admit that you have an addiction. This will be difficult because you are so used to the computer. If you know that you are not only dependent on it, but that you do not have any control over it, then it may be easier to get over this addiction.

The second step is to seek help from professionals. A professional such as a counselor or therapist should be able to provide you with the tools that you need to help you get your addiction under control.

After that you need to decide what type of help you want to use. It could be something to help you lose the use of the computer and the internet or something to help you find new uses for it. Either way it is going to require some effort on your part.

With professional help for your addiction to technology can be taken care of. If your computer is in a garage or on a closet in your house, you are probably going to need professional assistance to get rid of it. If it is in your office then it might require something like therapy. No matter where your computer is, you need to make it stop being your main source of comfort.

After you have made it possible for yourself stop using your computer then you need to get some help. It is a two way street. You can help your addiction by getting a therapist to help you out and you can also help your therapist get rid of your addiction.

It is hard to find a good therapist but there are many out there. If you can afford to spend a few hours on the phone you should be able to find a great one.

The good thing is that these days the Internet is filled with reviews and information about just about anything. You just have to be patient and take your time. Remember, you are dealing with a human brain and it can take time to change your thinking.